Te Ahua Nei Sweet n Sour E Kare You're so Colonised Where Everyone Gets a Bargain Geyserland Hotel Merchandise Istanbul and DC Turisti

Merchandise 1999

Brooches, fine silver, laminated card, cigarette packaging, aluminium can, paua resin composite,acrylic approx 4cmw x 7cm h


Geyserland Hotel 2004

Image magnets 4cm diameter on galvanised auto sprayed metal, 120cm diameter


Where everyone Gets a Bargain 2005

Vinyl, sheepskin, possum fur, leather, hama beads, rivets, fabric 54cmh x 52cmw x 10cm d


E Kare You're so Colonised 2007

Recycled computer keys on board, 200cm x 30 cm panels


Sweet n Sour 2009

Woven food photographs, recycling food packaging, plastic trays, gold foil on paper trays,styrene trays


Current work

Woven duct tape on canvas, woven gaffer tape on canvas 36in x 36 in



Digital prints various sizes from 8 x 10 in up to 13 x19, larger prints on request

© Gina Matchitt